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FUN FOOT FACT: What Causes Smelly Feet?

​Each foot contains about 250,000 sweat glands, but it’s not the sweat that smells. It’s your shoes and socks that trap odor-causing bacteria, which thrive in damp, dark environments.

The good news is that your smelly shoes could actually win you some cash! Each year, Odoreaters, a company that makes odor-neutralizing shoe insoles, holds a National Rotten Sneaker Contest, where contestants are judged not only on the condition of their kicks, but their smell.

The 2011 winner was a nine year-old from Sterling, Utah, who took home $2500 for having the foulest footwear.

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We would like to take a minute and update you as Colorado continues to battle COVID-19. Currently we are maintaining NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and are continuing to follow our cleaning procedures specific to a healthcare facility. This includes disinfecting all treatment rooms between patients and wiping down all equipment and high touch points as they are used throughout the day. Staff sanitizes their hands before and after each patient interaction.

We are providing hand sanitizer and asking our patients to sanitize their hands as they arrive and prior to their departure from our clinic. We are also eliminating waiting room time.  Upon your arrival, you will sanitize your hands and then be escorted to a treatment room.  We are managing our schedule to prevent an overlap of appointment times which will avoid our patients and their family from gathering in the waiting room. If all treatment rooms are full, you have the option of waiting in your car and we will text or call you when a room is available. We also ask that you leave the family members who are not being seen by the doctor at home or waiting for you in the car when possible.

We recognize that many of you have concerns about you & your loved one's health as it relates to COVID-19. And because of that, if you need to, or choose to cancel your appointment last minute, we are waiving any last-minute cancellation fees or penalties until this crisis is over. We understand the most important concern is the health & well-being of our patients. With this in mind, we recognize that keeping everyone safe is truly a team effort. So, we ask that if any patient has a fever, cough, or symptoms of the common cold or flu, please allow us to reschedule your visit to a time that you are feeling completely back to normal. 

We ask for your patience if preventative measures to preserve the health of our employees and our patients result in a reduced staffing or hours of operations. It is our highest commitment to serve you to the best of our ability. If we do need to modify our hours of operations, we will do our best to let you know in a reasonable amount of time.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in foot and ankle health. If we can be of further assistance please reach out to the clinic at or call us at (720) 917-9022.

Best regards and in health,
Dr. Katherine Parodi and Dr. Jacob Stuart